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1. How can I reach the Straško Camp?
Are you traveling by car or are you interested in other ways of reaching us? Visit our website to find out how to reach us by road, air or sea.

2. How can I make a reservation?
Reservations are only possible in written form. You can find the inquiry form on our website or you can send us an e-mail to strasko@hadria.biz
Reservations are also possible by fax, number: +385(0)53/663-430
You will receive a reply to your inquiry within 24 hours (excluding holidays).
To confirm the reservation, it is necessary to make an advance payment (30%), which will be deduced from the total amount.

3. How can I make the advance payment?
You can make the advance payment (30%) in several ways – by bank transfer to our account or by online credit card payment from our website.

Online payment is possible: payment.kampstrasko.com

When paying online, make sure you enter the correct data. In the AMOUNT field you must enter the numerical amount with a dot (e.g. 1234.56).
There are several combinations for entering the OFFER NUMBER (e.g. 1514, 1514/2014, 1514/2014, 1514-2014). Each time you enter a combination, the system will no longer allow you to enter the same combination.

Payment via bank account is possible to

Slavonska avenija 6, 10000 Zagreb
S.W.I.F.T. Code: HAABHR 22
IBAN: HR59 2500 0091 1010 50945

4. How can I change or cancel the reservation?
Changing the arrival or departure date is only possible in written form (e-mail, fax) and is only valid if confirmed in writing by the reservations department. Cancellation of the reservation is possible via e-mail, at least 31 days before arrival. Only in this case can you receive a full advance payment refund, minus bank fees. In the event of a late cancellation, i.e. if the guest does not arrive, we keep the advance payment.

5. How can I know that my reservation has been confirmed?
After receiving the advance payment, we will confirm your reservation by e-mail.

6. Why is it not possible to reserve a parcel?

It is only possible to reserve a place within a zone – PREMIUM, PREMIUM LUX or GOLD. We can not offer individual parcel reservations, but we always try to fulfill all our guests’ wishes.

7. Can I pay in Euros at the reception desk?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay in Euros at the Camp reception desk. It is possible to pay in Kuna or with Maestro, Mastercard, American and Diners credit cards. There is an exchange office within the Straško Camp reception desk.

8. How can I obtain a crib?

If you require a crib, you can note this in the reservation inquiry. There is no additional fee for using a crib in the Straško Camp.

9. A member of our family is a disabled person, which objects do you recommend?
The Straško Camp offers a mobile home that is fully adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. In addition, all sanitation facilities in the Camp offer showers and toilets adapted to persons with disabilities and the beach has a suitable sea entrance, as well as an adapted electric elevator.

10. Can I bring my pet?
Pets are welcome in the Straško Camp, but with an additional fee paid at the reception desk. The owner is obliged to present their pet’s "passport” when registering.
We recommend that you also note in your reservation form that you will be arriving with a pet.

11. When is it possible to enter the room/mobile home/parcel?

The Camp reception desk is open 24/7, but registration is only possible between 7 am and 10 pm. In our camp, the parcel for the new guest is available after noon. Checking out from the parcel is also possible every day until noon.
The Camp’s mobile home on the day of arrival is available from 5 pm, while checking out is by 10 am.

12. How can I use the internet within the facilities?
The internet password can be requested at the reception desk or the INFO center. Free Wi-Fi internet access is provided for all guests throughout the Straško Camp.

13. Where is the nearest medical facility?
The Novalja Health Center is at the very entrance to the city of Novalja. The ER is open 24/7.

14. Where can I find brochures and/or bicycle road maps?

At our hotel and camp reception desks, or at the INFO center, you can find various brochures on Novalja and the surrounding area. Among the brochures there is also a cycling map of the island in several languages.